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The Sacred Heart Prayers are meditations that embody a radical approach to manifesting change in our lives.

The manifestation teachings that are out in the world revolve primarily, and often exclusively, on teaching the practitioner that they can “get whatever they want”.

These false teachings play to human egoity and mostly focus on getting more money, more possessions, more worldly success, and of course a great relationship.

These teachings are nothing more than extensions of the consumer society. They preach, in essence, “manifest what you want and then you will be happy”.

Conscious Love

In contrast to those teachings, the core principle of the The Sacred Heart Prayers is to manifest our lives as who we truly, most deeply would love to be, and thus enjoy the quality of life we would love to live.

It is important to create in our imagination a future that is not a direct derivative of the past, for that would surely to lead to the repeating of the mistakes and suffering of the past.

Rather, through the Sacred Heart Prayers we can create a future that is new and fresh, free from our past. And the only way this is possible is to create from outside of time, from the power of this present moment, which we could call the power of Presence.

Eckhart Tolle famously coined the term “the power of Now”, which points to the same principle of creating our lives from the power that lives outside of, or beyond, time – not past nor future – the timeless Present.

Conscious Love

In my experience there is nothing intrinsically wrong with enjoying a delightful car, house, money or relationship. The only thing wrong with all that is the notion that by getting the car, house, money or relationship, we will become happy. That is the great lie of the consumer society.

The truth is … the only way life can unfold ecologically and sustainably is when we first know ourselves to be happy and at peace simply in being who and what we already and always are, which we can feel as the feeling of Being, the feeling of fulfillment.

Then, living from the consciousness of already feeling fulfilled, we can choose to manifest what we truly, deeply love free from the demand that it should make us happy or bring us peace. That could be a car. It could be money. It could be a house. Or it could be a relationship.

Or, it could be that, when we look within, look deep into our truth, what we would love more than anything is to awaken to the living reality of who and what we truly are – which we discover, wonderfully, to be indescribably beautiful, immortal beings of pure conscious Divine light.

At this point, when awakening becomes more important to us than any of the pleasures and attractions of the world, we can harness the power of manifestation to bring about full and complete awakening, or enlightenment, faster than has ever been known.

This is the primary purpose of the Sacred Heart Prayers, to harness the power of manifestation to bring about your enlightenment, your awakening to the reality of the free, timeless, immortal Divine Being that is who and what you truly are.

Conscious Love

Our world needs your enlightenment

My perception of this world is that we need an injection of true intelligence, for it is only the actions of human stupidity that is trashing our planet.

It is human egoic unconsciousness (aka “stupidity”) that is creating immense suffering for humans and non-human life. It has become so endemic now that it threatens the very continuation of life on Earth, or at the very least the continuation of human life.


What is stupidity? Nothing more than egoity, the feeling of being separate from each other, from our planet and from all life. And separate from the endless Source that is, itself, pure Divine Intelligence.


What is Divine Intelligence? Love, the unconditional, unlimited love that is our natural state when living from the feeling of Being, from the feeling of not being separate.


All of this of course is known by every authentic spiritual teacher. What I believe is new in the Assume the Change meditation is the harnessing the power of manifestation to incarnate, not what we merely “want” … but rather what we truly, deeply love.

And in my experience what we would all most deeply love – when we cut through our surface desires to our core truth – is to feel free, peaceful and happy. And that, to me at least, is a pretty good description of an enlightened life.

Conscious Love

I believe that three simple practices are the keys to enjoying the freedom, peace and happiness everyone is yearning for.

Read these pages to learn more:

1) Heartfulness reduces stress and suffering

2) Self-inquiry unveils the beautiful Being that you are


I believe that today the speed of our awakening is important, not only for our individual health and happiness, but because our current human society clearly needs an injection of what I call “Love Intelligence”.

The possibility of giving birth to this Love Intelligence lies within each one of us, like a seed that simply needs nourishment for it to blossom and bloom.

I believe that those of us who are called to awaken could incarnate the power of this Love Intelligence and create a new Earth for our children’s, children’s, children.

Of course it’s only a choice … our choice …


With kindness,



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