The healing power of conscious company

I had an interesting experience recently when I visited a cafe with a close friend for the first time since the Covid-19 lockdown began and I become ill with that virus.

I had been noticing the effects of anti-social isolation (btw: which previously was considered a severe punishment reserved for particularly badly behaved prisoners) on my own psychology. Not good when I am healing from chronic fatigue (ME), almost certainly a long-term after-effect of Covid-19.

One of the main symptoms of ME is massive debilitating fatigue on a scale I had not previously imagined possible. Since it began any half-way serious physical, mental or emotional exertion had previously resulted in a crisis that had taken several days to recover from.

But after spending this nourishing time with my friend not only did I not feel any negative effects from a long walk and five hours of intense, emotionally intimate conversation, but I felt more energised than I had for months.

This cannot have anything other than a positive effect on my immune system and the ability of my body to regain full health and vibrancy.

So the insights I draw from this are:

1) Social interaction is extremely healthy, healing and is generally good for our well-being.

2) The non-judgemental quality of our conversations can make a massively positive difference to our energy levels and general feeling of wellness.

3) The quality of what we grace and nurture with our attention, for example the type of people we mix with and the nature of the thoughts hold close, is not only important for our spiritual/conscious unfoldment but is also key to our mental, emotional and physical health.

4) Feeling gratitude for even the most challenging of life circumstances is itself a healing, nourishing act. I am grateful to Covid-19 and the subsequent long-term effects of chronic fatigue, for bringing these principles to my greater awareness. Although the illness is unpleasant, the search for healing has brought me into an understanding of aspects of this human life I was previously unaware of.

The healing process has unveiled some deeply buried ego-mind thought patterns, the releasing of which has resulted in a wonderful feeling of freedom that is beyond worldly valuation.

Above all I have become even more aware of, and grateful for, the immense value of unconditional love expressed through true friendship.


Leo Searle Hawkins

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