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“There is something magical about your book and the way you teach. You have done what few other practitioners seem to be able to do – you’ve developed a practical system to help understand and move through what I take to be a non-intellectual process. It’s brilliant.

There are very few books that have given me the immense feeling of hope and excitement that total transformation is not only possible – but graspable NOW using this information.

“I have done some of the exercises in your book and listened to some of the meditations and felt a shift and an awakening with each one. In truth I have had such feelings in my life prior to this but they have usually been spontaneous with no action taken on my part toward that aim that I’m aware of.

As you say, transformation is about “being” rather than “doing” and I feel each of your exercises puts me in a place where I am more receptive, more open to change and realisation and much clearer about how to approach things.” Rob Plevin (


Conscious Love


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Conscious Love

James Twyman – best selling author of The Moses Code and peace troubadour – says

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James Twyman


“This book has a wonderfully refreshing approach that makes living free of suffering a real possibility for everyone. Using simple yet precise language and an easy-to-read style, Leo guides us into unveiling the peace living within us as our very essence – literally who and what we are.”




William Bloom – leading UK spiritual teacher and author of numerous books on spirituality and holistic well-being – says

William Bloom
William Bloom


“Based in authentic personal experience of what works, Leo shares useful exercises and strategies that will help people on their path of personal transformation.”






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