Download “Your Destiny is Your Choice” meditation

“We are defined, controlled and imprisoned by all that we have not released”


("Assume the Change"is an earlier name for "Your Destiny is Your Choice")



This meditation has no power in and of itself. Rather it is the power of awareness which the meditation guides your attention to relax and rest into, and as, that brings about changes to the events of your life.

Only by diving deeply within, into the feeling of being still, silent living awareness, can you avail yourself of the power that will forever change your destiny.


The quality of your life – the level of happiness, freedom and peace you enjoy – is determined by what you choose to grace with your attention.

And this present moment is the only moment of choice there ever is.

One moment, one choice, could change everything …


The Destiny meditation unleashes the power of awareness – which will accomplish all that is necessary to unveil the freedom, love, happiness and peace your Heart most deeply yearns for.

Destiny guides your attention to feel beyond the limitations of your conceptual, intellectual mind.

The degree of your willingness to drop into the simple feeling of being the one whom, in your Heart, you most deeply love to Be, will determine the value of this meditation for you. 

    • Ensure you have at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time.
    • Let others know what you are doing and ask them not to disturb you.
    • Listen with your eyes closed, which will help you focus within.
    • Feel into the spirit of the meditation.
    • Listen frequently.
    • Pause the recording whenever you want to feel more deeply into any part of the meditation.
    • If you notice yourself stressfully “trying”, simply pause, breathe slowly, release (let go of) the contracted tension of trying (i.e. effort, thinking) – then resume listening while allowing yourself to feel the spirit of pure awareness.
    • Give yourself the gift of some silent time at the end of the meditation to simply rest and savour the feeling of gratitude for what you have received.