Download “Your Destiny is Your Choice – and your choice is your destiny”

“We are defined, controlled and imprisoned by all that we have not released”


("Assume the Change"is an earlier name for "Your Destiny is Your Choice")

One moment, one choice, could change everything

Your experience of life – your relationships, your career or business, even the level of happiness and peace that you enjoy, is determined by the choices you make.

And this present moment is the only moment of choice there ever is.

Experience the power of choice by listening to this Sacred Heart meditation and leave all concepts and beliefs behind.


Suggestions for the most effective listening

This Sacred Heart meditation unleashes the power of Consciousness – the pure intelligence of Being – who will accomplish all that is necessary to unveil the freedom, love, happiness and peace your Heart yearns for.

    • Ensure you have at least 25 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time. Let others know what you are doing and ask them not to disturb you.
    • Feel into the spirit of the meditation – allowing the Grace of Consciousness to do the work of emotional healing, freeing your Heart and manifesting your destiny.
    • Actively engage with the steps that my voice guides you through. This is not passive hypnosis but a conscious process that requires that you stay awake and take response-ability for the direction of your attention.
    • Listen as frequently as possible, so the principles become assimilated sub-consciously into your long-term memory.
    • Pause the recording whenever you want to feel more deeply into the silent stillness of Being.
    • Give yourself the gift of time to savour and enjoy the good feelings that naturally and spontaneously arise.
    • If you notice yourself “trying” to do the process with your mind, pause, breathe slowly, release (let go of) the contracted tension of trying (i.e. effort, thinking) – then resume listening to the meditation while allowing yourself to feel the spirit of pure Consciousness nourishing and healing your whole body-mind-personality.
    • Listen with your eyes closed, which will help you focus within.
    • Sit upright, which will help you stay awake.
    • Play the recordings on a high quality playback device with wrap-around headphones – so you can enjoy the best tone and clarity.
    • Give yourself the gift of some silent time to simply rest and savour the feeling of gratitude for the gifts of Consciousness that are being freely bestowed upon you.