Here’s Your Divine Manifestation Meditation

Heartful Intelligence is true mindfulness

The living spirit of compassionate wisdom

What is “Divine” Manifestation?

A simple and highly effective way to bring about the fulfillment and completion of desire (aka “wanting”, or the feeling of lack).

Only when desire ceases will you be able to you enjoy unconditional love and true abundance.

Buddha called the cessation of desire Nirvana … love-bliss … the end of suffering.


Enjoy the simple feeling of Being

Enjoy the feeling of fulfillment and completion

Enjoy the feeling of being who you most deeply would love to be

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Note: I update this meditation from time to time as fresh insights come to me. And I notify subscribers to my Silent Wisdom blog when a new meditation is available for download.

How to listen for best results

Do not listen to this meditation when driving, operating any form of machinery, or when you are involved in any potentially hazardous task.

This Divine Manifestation meditation acts as a guide to the creative and healing intelligence of silent I AM Divine Consciousness, which acts from the “inside-out” so our lives can unfold spontaneously in peaceful, joyful and harmonious ways.

  • Feel into the spirit of the process.
  • Listen with your eyes closed or open.
  • Sit upright, which will help you stay awake.
  • If possible, use wrap-around, high-quality headphones.
  • Ensure you have 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time.
  • Let others know what you are doing and ask them not to disturb you.
  • Allow a few minutes upon completion of a meditation to sit in silent reflection, savouring the feeling of Being.
  • For best results listen frequently – ideally 1-2 times daily – which will cumulatively build the transformative power of the process.
  • Give yourself the gift of some time at the end of the meditation to relax into the silence of Divine I AM Consciousness (aka “The Silence of the Heart” and “The Silence of the Self”)


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A note about music

I love music as much as anyone. But … when it comes to guided meditations there is not one piece of music that everyone who listens will enjoy or even like. So this is one reason I do not add music to my meditations.

The other reason is that the power lies in the conscious silence of I AM that my words guide your attention to. Music can distract attention from relaxing and resting into this silent intelligence.

The power of pausing (please read)

To get the most out of this meditation I suggest you pause it at any point, when you want to:

  • Feel more deeply into the response of your Heart to the questions of Self-inquiry.
  • Savour the feeling of being the person you truly, deeply would love to be.
  • Reflect upon the insights that may spontaneously emerge.

The Manifestation of Love meditation is not hypnosis, which requires only passive listening. In contrast, it is the degree with which you consciously engage with the steps of The Manifestation of Love that will determine its effectiveness and power, as well as the quality your experience.

Through frequent listening you’ll find you’ll easefully assimilate the principles of the meditation until they feel completely natural.

Always remember that it is not my words themselves that have power to transform your mind, life and relationships, but rather the power lies in the silence of Divine I AM Consciousness.

When we live from this Divine Silence, our lives naturally and easefully become the expression of acceptance, compassion (including self-compassion) , kindness, appreciation, gratitude and abundance.


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