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Clear Awareness Clears Emotional Pain

Before we can enjoy a truly happy and fulfilling life – including the joy of a deeply fulfilling soulmate relationship – we need to clear our minds from sub-conscious and unconscious negativity. This is because it’s our, usually deeply buried, negative thoughts that keep us feeling separate, alone and unhappy.

The most effective, and simplest, way I know to achieve this is through the process of clear awareness – of our thoughts, our emotions, our physical sensations, and the entirety of who we are altogether.

The possibility of freedom from emotional pain lies in the power of clear awareness. From my direct experience I can testify that we do not have to suffer, do not have to live with pain – even when it’s triggered by an extremely challenging life event such as divorce or death.

My experience is that mental angst and emotional pain can be completely healed by the power of awareness.

The power of clear awareness is like a universal solvent that dissolves even the most seemingly intractable and deeply felt pain.


By integrating years of professional training in hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with the powerful practices of Mindfulness, Self Inquiry and Conscious Loving I’ve been able to help hundreds of people discover a depth of emotional freedom they never knew was possible.

This disarmingly simple process can heal the deepest emotional wounds. It can bring clarity to your life choices. And it can bring increasing joy to all your relationships.



Watch the video below to see and hear what some of my clients say about me:


“The last session was fantastic! Answered so much and has given me the know-how for any situation that may arise. Your detailed explanation of awareness and how to allow whatever comes up is invaluable! I’ve started to be aware of things in a much more relaxed manner and I’m finding there are far less questions arising as a result. All in all, things are good. It’s so beautiful noticing there is never any tension in awareness, it just is – instantly whatever was concerning me seems like nothing!”  Alys


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