Ethics Statement

These ethical standards apply to all my (Leo Searle Hawkins) group events and individual consultancy sessions, whether online or offline.


There is an agreement of confidentiality between all people present at a group event and between you and me if you are an individual client.

Confidentiality is defined as the non-disclosure of the personal process of any individual or of any information relating to an individual that was unavailable prior to their participation in a group event or individual programme and where such information became available within the programme.

All information you disclose to me remains confidential and I do not disclose any of your personal details to any third party. Under very rare circumstances – for example if you disclose to me that you are abusing a child, or causing harm to yourself or another person, or when I am otherwise required to do so by law – this confidentiality agreement will be nullified.

The only personal information I keep are your name and contact details, and a record of when we see each other. I do not store any personal information that you may disclose during your coaching sessions, or in a group event, on paper or on a computer system.


In order to respect your confidentiality, if I have occasion to telephone you at home or work (assuming that we have agreed that I can do this) and someone else answers the phone, I will simply leave my name for you to call me back — I will not leave messages containing personal information.

When you phone me, you may from time to time get my 100% confidential answering machine. Only myself will hear your message, which will not be passed to any third party. Please leave your name and number, and suggest a convenient time for me to return your call.


All engagement with individuals or the group will be non-abusive by all, to all. Abuse is defined as the use of one person for the needs or process of another without their full knowledge and consent.


Violence by and towards any individual or group by anyone or any group is absolutely unacceptable and will result in the immediate exclusion of the perpetrator from an event and from any future programmes. This includes self-violence, threats of violence towards another and threats of self-violence.


Drugs and alcohol

  • Avoid using alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours prior to a group event or individual session whether online or offline.
  • Take all prescribed medicine as normal and as advised by your doctor or other suitably qualified medical practitioner.

Informed consent

The process of resolving emotional challenges is such that you may find yourself exploring emotional territory you did not expect, perhaps because of information you were presented with during the course of a group event or individual session, either by myself or as a result of another participant sharing their experience.

All group events and individual sessions are for educational purposes only and are not substitutes for medical or psychiatric treatment. My approach to the resolution of emotional pain is not suitable for those currently too emotionally sensitive or too psychiatrically disabled to take responsibility for themselves. All such people should seek suitably qualified medical and/or psychiatric advice and assistance.

All health problems, physical and psychological, must be disclosed in advance of participation in any event or individual session.

I do not accept liability for medical or psychiatric conditions developing during or after an event or individual session. If you suspect or know that you are suffering from any physical or psychological ailment or condition, then it is a condition of working with me that you undertake to clearly inform me and seek appropriate treatment in advance of attending an event or individual session.

I am responsible only for the orderly and safe presentation of an event and individual session. You are responsible for the extent of your participation in an event or individual session and for your own well-being.

Sharing of your personal information

I will never sell, rent, give away, or otherwise share any of your personal information or contact details with a 3rd party, including your email and home addresses and phone numbers, without your express written permission, unless required to do so by order of a court of law.



With kindness,

Leo Searle Hawkins

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