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There’s much talk about the psychology of manifestation and the “law of attraction” going the rounds today. But is it working for you? That’s the important question …

If your response is Yes, then I wish you well and maybe you are getting on just fine.

If No, instead of trying to “attract” people and situations into your life – a philosophy I’ve never felt comfortable with – why not step into your power and turn instead to consciously creating your life from the inside-out?


Life – an endless process of creation that emerges from this timeless present moment

Since the age of 17 I’ve inquired into the truth of what it is so manifest, or materialise, physical effects in the world. Eventually I discovered that approaching life as a creative process – one of Heart-felt manifestation – is what brings us a feeling of fulfillment from being alive. And if we are not feeling fulfilled in our our lives, what’s the point?


It’s important to realise that we have no power to directly change events and circumstances. Rather it is the pure Consciousness living within us who does all the work of re-arranging the events of the world.

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You determine the heartful manifestation of your life through …

  • How you feel about yourself.
  • What you give your sustained feeling attention to.
  • What you assume to be the truth of who you are.

You have within you the ability to re-create yourself and your life through the power of your Heart-felt imagination, which lives within us all but is lying dormant in most people.


The Five Truths of Heartful Manifestation

  1. Imagination creates your reality.
  2. What you imagine and feelingly assume to be true grows.
  3. You become who you imagine and feelingly assume yourself to be.
  4. Who you imagine and feelingly assume yourself to be re-creates your world.
  5. Your world will change to mirror your Heart-felt assumptions you hold about who you are.




“There is something magical about your book and the way you teach. You have done what few other practitioners seem to be able to do – you’ve developed a practical system to help understand and move through what I take to be a non-intellectual process. It’s brilliant.

There are very few books that have given me the immense feeling of hope and excitement that total transformation is not only possible – but graspable NOW using this information.

“I have done some of the exercises in your book and listened to some of the meditations and felt a shift and an awakening with each one. In truth I have had such feelings in my life prior to this but they have usually been spontaneous with no action taken on my part toward that aim that I’m aware of.

As you say, transformation is about “being” rather than “doing” and I feel each of your exercises puts me in a place where I am more receptive, more open to change and realisation and much clearer about how to approach things.”

Rob Plevin, The Liferaft






Leo Searle Hawkins




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