Releasing Now: Soothing Stress

Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing


“Mindfulness-Heartfulness is like giving ourselves a warm, melting hug that soothes away the cares of the day”

We all know that modern life can be extremely stressful. The pace of life today is several times faster than in our grandparent’s day. And the pace of change appears to be increasing.

In my experience the majority, if not all, of stress management techniques act only as band-aids, offering short-term relief but leaving fundamentally untouched the root cause of stress.

After well over 20 years of observing the effects of the simplistic techniques I had been taught to offer my therapy clients and management students, I realised that something far more profound was needed. And whatever this was it had to be exceptionally simple.


Along with the rapid pace of change we tend to live far more isolated from each other than did our grandparents.

Our communities are not what they were. And in many areas it would not be pushing things too far to ask “what community?”

Families rarely live close by each other any more and it’s not unusual to find them spread across several countries.

And of all the work we may engage in, computer work can isolate us from others even if we apparently communicate a lot through email or social media. This is especially true for those who work from home.

And of course pretty much everyone wants to know how to soothe the  stress they feel in their relationships.

The only real option, assuming we are going to continue being in the same relationship, doing the same work, living in the same area, and so on is to learn the principles and practice of soothing your stress away.

What can “Releasing Now” offer you?

  • The ability to stay centred in changeless Heartful awareness, giving you a feeling of true safety and security, no matter what may be changing around you.
  • Simple relaxation methods that can be practiced anywhere at any time.
  • The ability to reduce, and even live completely free from, anxiety.
  • Solutions to problems you’ve been struggling with but could not resolve through rational thinking alone.
  • The resolution of mental and emotional pain.
  • Help with healing physical ailments.
  • Resolving traumatic stressful memories from your past.
  • Being able to see a clear way forward into your future – from the clarity of this present moment.


Developing the skills of soothing your stress away can pay dividends in every area of your relationships, work and life as a whole.



“I feel much more calm, peaceful, and less stressed”

Emma Morley



With kindness,

Leo Searle Hawkins





Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing