Guided Self-inquiry Meditations

These meditations complete the book, offering you an experiential insight into Self Discovery through Self Inquiry


Guided Inquiry Meditations as mp3 downloads
Guided Inquiry Meditations as mp3 downloads

My intention in creating these meditations is that, through repeated and frequent listening, the principles of self-inquiry will drop deep into your long-term memory.

You will then be able to practice inquiry by yourself without need for the guided recording.

You’ll be able to allow the time needed to honour whatever arises, and most importantly drop into the “feeling spirit” of inquiry.

This principle is similar to learning dance steps, which although requiring a degree of repeated and conscious practice when we first begin, at a certain point require no further thought – leaving attention free to focus on the spirit of the dance.

The full set of mp3 guided self-inquiry meditations will enable you to

  • Clear your mind and calm your life
  • Enjoy an increasing feeling of peace
  • Experience greater confidence and higher self-respect
  • Live a more abundant and successful life

Your inner challenges are the portal to clarity, joy and deeply pleasurable peace

Overcoming your outer challenges is relatively easy once you make peace with your inner challenges.

The truth is, almost everyone struggles with negative thoughts and emotions.

Fortunately, with these self-inquiry guided meditations  you can now transform those same challenges into portals, or gateways, to clarity and calm – and even feelings of abundant joy and pleasurable peace.

This present moment is the only moment of choice

No matter what you’ve done with your life to this point, no matter how unsuccessful or successful you’ve been, Now is the only time you can choose your new future.

Together with the book, these self-inquiry mindfulness meditations guide you to a new and wonderful way of being alive.

They offer you a simple, step-by-step system devoid of religious or spiritual beliefs.

They are practical guides that help put you on the path to a life of clarity and calm.

Self-inquiry is …

  • Infinitely flexible and versatile – and therefore perfect if you lead a busy life
  • Suited to the Western mind while honouring the ancient wisdom taught for thousands of years in the East
  • Not a religious or spiritual belief system
  • Distinct from yoga practices such as conventional meditation, breath control, mantras and physical postures

These guided meditations are unique

Guided Inquiry Meditations as mp3 downloads
Guided Inquiry Meditations as mp3 downloads



Self-inquiry transforms your mind from within – from your natural feeling of being.

This gives inquiry a unique power to permanently transform your mind from “the inside out” that no other form of meditation has.

  • No-one else offers anything like them that I know of
  • They are of the highest quality
  • They harness the power of pure awareness to transform and free your mind


The seven mp3 meditations in the package set:

1. “Being Truly Grateful”

2. “Being Emotionally Intelligent”

3. “Being the Master of Your Mind”

4. “Being Your Confident Self”

5. “Being the Authentic You”

6. “Being Truly Abundant

7. “Being Free from Suffering”

PLUS – The pdf edition of Break Out of Your Mind

PLUS – A simple how-to guide to burn the mp3s to CD if you want to listen via CD.

PLUS The full set of 7 original meditations I recorded in 2008.


These guided meditations enable you to experience self-inquiry.

They are more effective than guided visualisation meditations, mindfulness practices and hypnosis. Why? Because they guide your attention within and give you direct access to the transformative power of pure awareness.




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Health & Safety Disclaimer: Please do not listen to any of these recordings when driving, operating any form of machinery, or when involved in any task that requires your full attention. Do not listen if you are suffering from epilepsy or any form of psychological illness. Do not reduce or discontinue any form of therapeutic treatment or course of prescribed medication unless under the guidance of a medical professional. If you are in any doubt about the wisdom of listening to these meditations and hypnotic inductions consult a qualified medical professional first. These recordings are offered for entertainment and educational purposes only and I make no claims to treat or cure any illness whatsoever.

Saniel Bonder – co-creator of HEARTgazing™, and author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split, founder of Waking Down in Mutuality – says

Saniel Bonder
Saniel Bonder

“If you want practical access to the Now, transcendence of limiting mind, and deep serenity in daily life, Leo’s book is a superb resource.

“His explanations of our nature are down to earth and accessible. He gives you lots of inquiry exercises that are ingenious in their simplicity and effect. Yet what impresses me most is how effortlessly the book conveys the author’s compassion – and his confidence in You.

“Reading Leo’s book is like sitting side by side with a very wise friend who cares deeply for you – and really can help you – if you’ll listen well, feel into what he’s saying, and really do the powerfully practical work he offers.”