On May 1st 1996 I had an experience that permanently changed my life. It happened, of all places, in my shower when I was going through a harrowing “dark night of the soul” period of my life.

The transformation happened in a few short minutes was close to miraculous. The majority of the emotional and mental pain that I’d lived with most of my life simply went. I mean gone, finished, never to return.


A new day dawns

Immediately after this experience, information began downloading into my brain. Intuitively I felt it was valuable and that I should write it down.

Over the next 10 years I was introduced to numerous teachers, each one of whom brought me to a new point of understanding. They helped me awaken to the reality of the limitless Being living within us all as our “essence” and true identity.

I was shown a path to total freedom from all suffering – and a way to incarnate happiness and peace in amidst the ordinariness of everyday life.


The mountain of happiness

These words, from the Persian poet Rumi, came to me when I was meditating in the Virupaksha cave located in the mountain of Arunachala, India, back in 2005:

“I’ve lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons.

Knocking on a door, it opens.

I’ve been knocking from the inside…”

At the moment I heard those words, an inner vastness opened within me, a spaciousness that brought with it a profound humility. I walked from the cave with my whole body glowing with pure happiness. This awakening as the pure Consciousness that lives us all was the end of all seeking and the beginning of a adventure that has no end …

In 2007 I  put all I had learned over this 10 year odyssey into my book Break Out of Your Mind


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Pamela Wilson – international spiritual teacher and author, featured in numerous books – says

Pamela Wilson
Pamela Wilson

“Leo has returned to his natural dignity, compassion, and clear seeing. He has a passion for inquiry and thus the joy of liberating the body and mind from the past and all misunderstandings. Join him on an inner tour and reacquaint yourSelf with your unbounded and unlimited naturalness!”


The greatest wealth is knowing who you are as timeless Being, whose nature is pure Consciousness

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