Medical Disclaimer

The practical philosophy of Leo Searle-Hawkins and Nirvana Sunrise Books is offered as a source of information and entertainment only, about the process of Releasing Now and its relationship with mental, emotional and physical well-being.

This philosophy, engaged in on the basis of free individual choice, is not to be understood as a substitute for the accurate and appropriate medical and/or psychological assessment, diagnosis or treatment prescribed in a one-to-one relationship with a qualified medical physician or mental health professional.

Neither Leo Searle-Hawkins nor Nirvana Sunrise Books dispense medical or psychological treatment or prescribe the use of any technique for physical, emotional, or mental problems as an alternative to the advice of a qualified medical physician or mental health professional.

If you have, or feel you have, or believe you have, a mental, emotional or physical illness, or if your situation or the situation of someone you know could be serious or life-threatening, you should contact a qualified medical physician or mental health professional immediately.

By using this and all other websites and social media pages created by, or for Leo Searle-Hawkins, purchasing, attending or participating in one-to-one sessions of any description (including any that may be variously described as consulting, coaching, mentoring, counselling, or hypnosis), listening to an audio recording or viewing a video created by Leo or posted on his websites, or mentioned in his articles, attending a meeting or retreat, subscribing to Leo’s blog, enrolling for Releasing Now and any and all other courses and means of engagement, or otherwise engaging in any way and by any means with Leo, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended and fully agreed with the following disclaimer:

Leo does not “treat”, diagnose, or claim to “cure” disease. Under UK law, only a qualified medical doctor may diagnose and treat the symptoms of illness and disease with a medical origin, for example cancer.

This law is to protect you from the possibility that, while you are experiencing, studying, and practising the principles of Releasing Now (variously also described as “power of awareness” “mindfulness” “heartfulness”, self-inquiry, and all other descriptions), an illness that may require orthodox medical attention could be getting worse.

If you are suffering from a medically diagnosed physical or psychological illness you agree to inform your GP or medical consultant of any work you intend to do with Leo and to give them Leo’s contact details.

This website and all media created by Leo is for general information and entertainment purposes only. Use of this website, or reading Leo’s books and articles, or attending a meeting, or listening to a guided meditation, or audio conversation, or video recording, or retreat, workshop, teleclass, webinar, or a one-to-one session of any description with Leo, or having an email, online or phone dialogue with him, is not a replacement or substitute for face-to-face, in-person, qualified medical, psychological, or psychiatric care or legal advice, diagnosis or treatment. Leo is not a medical doctor nor a licensed psychotherapist. Leo does not diagnose, cure, heal, or treat disease, psychological or psychiatric conditions, or otherwise prescribe any kind of medication whatsoever. Nor does he offer any legal advice on any topic whatsoever and nothing he writes or says should be construed as such.

If you think you are suffering from a medical or psychological disorder or condition, please consult your doctor or other appropriately qualified professional medical person or service immediately. You are invited to consult with your doctor and/or therapist about the wisdom of embarking on and engaging with Releasing Now mentoring or coaching sessions, mindfulness, hypnosis, recorded meditations, meetings, workshops, courses, webinars, teleclasses, online courses, or retreats with Leo, in order to make an educated and informed decision as to whether or not they are right for you.


Never disregard professional advice or delay seeking professional advice as a result of something you have read on this website or any of Leo’s websites, in any of Leo’s books or articles, on heard on any of Leo’s video or audio recordings, or from anything whatsoever that Leo may have said or written in the past or at any time in the future. Leo shall not be liable for any claims or damages to persons or property, and expressly disclaims any and all liability of any nature, for any action, or non-action, taken as a result of his one-to-one sessions (of any description), meetings, webinars, online and offline courses, teleclasses, books, videos, audio recordings, workshops, or retreats.

The words “Releasing Now”, “counselling”, “coaching”, “hypnotherapy”, “mindfulness”, “heartfulness, “mentoring”, “awareness”, “consciousness” and “consulting”, et al, as may be used on this website, or by Leo in conversation, or in his writings, or during audio-video recordings, are not used as medical terms, but simply describe an in-depth, honest, exploratory, private, and confidential conversation.

Sessions with Leo may be considered “spiritual but not religious” in nature. A one-to-one session, meeting or retreat is intended and designed to be informational and educational, and to provide information, support and encouragement based on information that you choose to share with Leo. You are fully and solely responsible for all information that you provide to Leo, for your interpretation of Leo’s words and actions or non-actions, and for all actions or non-actions you may choose to take or not take that result from or relate to your encounter with Leo.

Leo does not guarantee or warrant any particular outcome or result from a one-to-one consultation, or his books, articles, recorded meditations, audio-video recordings, meetings, retreats, webinars, teleclasses, online courses, workshops, or any other kind of encounter with him or his created works whatsoever, and makes no claims as to the effectiveness of one-to-one sessions, courses, events or created works.

Do not listen, watch, or read any of Leo’s created audio, video or written works when driving, operating any form of machinery, or performing any kind of potentially hazardous task, or any task that requires your full attention.

Always consult a qualified medical professional if you are in any doubt whatever about the wisdom of listening to any guided meditation, or hypnotic recording, or engaging in any practice whatever and however described by Leo, including all nutritional, lifestyle and other supportive information whatsoever and however presented, including all information, practices, inquiries, and suggestions written in any of his books and all subsequent books, articles, websites, interviews, and social media posts whenever, wherever, and however published.

Conscious Love

By entering this website and engaging with Leo, his personal coaching, mentoring, mindfulness, heartfulness, consultation and training services, and all his products and those of third parties, including ordering and using printed books, ebooks, articles, and guided audio meditation and hypnosis recordings, you declare the following to be true and acknowledge your personal responsibility in choosing to read, view, listen and practice anything whatsoever that you may learn or otherwise gain or acquire from Leo and/or his created works:

“I am not suffering from any medical or psychiatric illness – including epilepsy, blackouts, or similar conditions – and I am not receiving any medical, psychiatric or therapeutic treatment, including psychoactive drugs, that could affect my practice of meditation, mindfulness, hearfulness, inquiry, hypnosis – including listening to guided meditation recordings – or any other technique, practice or principle I may learn from Leo, his books, coaching, counselling, hypnosis, training, recordings, or websites or whatever it may be called.

“I understand that all forms and aspects of meditation, mindfulness, Focusing, Self-inquiry, nlp and hypnosis – and all coaching, counselling, mentoring and consultations offered by Leo – are not treatments for medical or psychiatric illness and are for education and entertainment only.

“If I am in any doubt whatever about the wisdom of using any specific practice, or listening to or watching any technique or recording, or applying psychological, lifestyle and nutritional information, and any and all other supportive information, I agree to consult with a qualified medical professional before engaging with such practices, techniques, recordings, or information.

“I agree not to discontinue or reduce any psycho-therapeutic or medical treatment, including any and all prescribed medicines, which I am receiving without first consulting with an appropriately qualified medical doctor.

“I agree that any action I may take, or not take, as a result of my relationship with Leo, his books, his websites, articles, mentoring, consulting, counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy and the practice of meditation, mindfulness, heartfulness and Self-inquiry, including all guided mindfulness, meditation and hypnosis recordings and any and all practices created by him, including nutritional, exercise and all other supportive information, is entirely my responsibility and I hereby absolve Leo from any and all responsibility for any and all decisions and actions I may take, or not take, now and at any time in the future.

“I agree to use Leo’s services and informational materials entirely at my own risk and without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information given, advice, or opinion. I agree that I am in a sound frame of mind and am requesting Leo’s services by my own choice, of my own free will, and with my inherent singular responsibility.”

Please use your discretion and exercise your right of personal responsibility when making decisions and taking actions, or not taking actions.

Conscious Love

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