Guided Self Discovery Meditations

Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing

From time to time I’ll upload more guided meditations to this page.

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Sound quality: I created some of these meditations during live mentoring sessions for the client I was working with at the time, sometimes on audio tape. Hence the reason the sound quality varies.

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Listen with your eyes closed or open.

Feel into the spirit of the meditations.

Pause a recording whenever you want more time to feel more deeply into your experience.

Do not listen to these meditations when driving, operating any form of machinery, or when you are involved in any potentially hazardous task.



I created this 100% Comfort meditation out of my love for Jenny, my beloved wife and soulmate. The principles enabled her to enjoy periods of 100% freedom from the excruciating pain of inoperable stage 4 cancer. She found this meditation particularly helpful at night when otherwise the pain prevented her from sleeping.

Similarly, I created this Reset for Love meditation out of my love for Jenny, and the principles helped us both release the emotional angst that had been a part of our relationship story. By the time she died we had resolved all our emotional conflicts and only unconditional love remained.




  1. I created these meditations to complement my book “Break Out of Your Mind“.
  2. They offer an experience of the core principles of Self-inquiry, as described in the book – hence their name “iBreak Out”, or “iBO”.
  3. Some meditations refer to “Transcendental Inquiry” which is a name I used prior to “Self-inquiry”.




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Disclaimer: Please do not listen to any of these recordings when driving, operating any form of machinery, or when involved in any task that requires your full attention. Do not listen if you are suffering from epilepsy or any form of psychological illness. Do not reduce or discontinue any form of therapeutic treatment or course of prescribed medication unless under the guidance of a medical professional. If you are in any doubt about the wisdom of listening to these meditations and hypnotic inductions consult a qualified medical professional first. These recordings are offered for entertainment and educational purposes only and I make no claims to treat or cure any illness whatsoever.



With kindness,

Leo Searle Hawkins

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Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing