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“The everyday meditation for everyone – anywhere, anytime …”


Self-inquiry – or jnana yoga, the “yoga of wisdom” – is a simple practice that does not involve mediums, channelling, tarot or prediction of any kind, astral travelling or anything else that could be seen as ungrounded, new-age, or “woo-woo”.

Self-inquiry effects the releasing of who you may have thought you were – and brings about a “quantum awakening” – a sudden shift of identity into a higher level of consciousness that by-passes all processes that happen in the context of time and space.


Self-inquiry used to be thought of as only being for the few, a luxury ordinary mortals could live without. But now that’s rapidly changing. Today, awakening to the truth of who you are is no longer a luxury – it is a Twenty-First Century survival strategy …

There is no time left for long-winded spiritual processes. There is no time left for awakening to occur over several lifetimes. Awakening is required from us all – and it is required NOW.


Self-inquiry cuts through time, by-passing all long-winded “self-development” processes of mind and taking you into the living Heart of Now, the present moment awareness that is your very own Self. It is the only direct route to awakening.

The results of self-inquiry are immediate. Full awakening could be achieved in only a few short months if a student was willing to truly devote themselves to it.


I describe multiple approaches to self-inquiry, and offer many effortless ways to integrate it into your everyday life, in my book “Break Out of Your Mind – you are not who you think you are“. Click here to learn more about the book …


Watch the video below to see and hear what some of my clients have to say about me


Shifting paradigms

True conscious living entails a “paradigm shift“* from thinking that who you are is only your body, to knowing yourself as the Consciousness who is aware of your body.

This paradigm shift is subtle and often comes during a soft “Ah-ha …” moment. It is the very essence of “inside-out” conscious living and will have a hugely positive impact on the way you see yourself, your relationships, and your world.

The power of this shift is even greater than Galileo’s discovery of the reality that the Earth travels around the Sun … and not vice-versa as was previously thought by almost everyone.

This paradigm shift is the master key that will unlock your previously only dreamed of potential.


The “inside-out” solution

Most people live from a mistaken belief that they are their physical body. And, although some entertain religious or spiritual concepts of being more than their body, few know the experiential reality.

Hence most people attempt to live their lives from the “outside-in”. Some are not even aware that there is an inside dimension to life and who they are. Living from this erroneous belief it is inevitable that they come to perceive other people, animals, and the entire world as being separate from themselves.

Self-inquiry is a practical way to enjoy inside-out conscious living. Creativity, healing and inspiration spring forth from this deceptively simple, and entirely natural, contemplative practice.


I offer mentoring support for those who genuinely want to enjoy the immensely pleasurable reality of who they truly are. I share my insights and experience to help guide those who are awakening to this empowering – and enormously inspiring – way of being alive.


“I have a new found ability to experience stillness and to enjoy the conscious presence of Being, which is mysteriously transforming my life in subtle yet unmistakable ways.”  Hugh King



* The meaning of a “paradigm shift”

Wikipedia: “A fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions”

Business Dictionary: “A fundamental change in an individual’s or a society’s view of how things work in the world. For example, the shift from the Earth to the Sun as being the centre of solar system





With kindness,

Leo Searle Hawkins




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Self inquiry, Conscious Intelligence, Releasing